Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to Make Money with Peerfly?

CPA- "Cost Per Action" Marketing.

You can sell physical products, digital products or just generate a LEAD online.

  • There are so many offers that you get paid every time someone just submits their postal code or email! It is so easy to get someone to do!
Peerfly Review
  • You can promote offers on Cpa networks where they only require the visitor to enter information (full name, address etc) and you get paid every time the visitor completes that action!
  • Really cool is that CPA Networks have a lot of the products you can sell with GIANT commissions!

    My Favourite CPA is PeerFly Network. There are over 500 offers to promote. They keep track of all your clicks, statistics and commissions earned. You simply log in and view your data. PeerFly accept publishers from all countries, in any vertical. All their offers are legit.

    • Minimum Payout: $50
    • Payment Methods: PayPal, Check, ACH, Wire Transfer
    • Payment Terms: Net 30, Net 15. PeerFly has daily payouts too!
    • Acceptable Traffic: Almost any traffic method accepted
    • Refferral program: 5% lifetime referral commissions

    Why choose PeerFly CPA Network?

    • PeerFly has 30% higher payouts than other CPA Networks
    • PeerFly is no-call CPA Network
    • PeerFly has a lot of email/ zip submits and it is pretty easy to get started with. Find something people want, make them enter their zip or email and make $1.10- $2. No need to sell! They input their email or zip code and you automatically get paid!

    Wait no further and join PeerFly now, definitely recommended! Click Here and sign up, its FREE!

    SIGN-UP in less than 3 minutes:

    STEP 1: Signup using "Publisher Signup" on their Homepage. Fill out some info about You.

    STEP 2:

    Email and phone verification. To prevent fraud they will send an instant verification!

    STEP 3:

    Answer the questions:

    1. Explain what your websites are about, your marketing techniques, and how you will be using PeerFly. Explain what type of traffic you want to use (PPC marketing methods- Facebook and Myspace ads, Google, Yahoo and MSN advertising, banner ads and PPV marketing methods- LeadImpact, Trafficvance etc.)

    2. Where did you hear about PeerFly? The more specific you are, the more it will help with our marketing efforts.

    3. Payment information- payment threshold and method! You can receive payments via Paypal, Check, Wire Transfer or ACH

    STEP 4:

    Wait, once you’ve signed up and have been approved as a publisher, you’ll have access to all PeerFly online marketing campaigns instantly! Log in and now you can promote  more than 500 offers!

    P.S. If You signed up with my link and you are accepted (the verification period takes less than 2 days) email me Click Here and I will send You materials about CPA to start to make a ton of money! CPA Marketing is the best ever! It is FREE! Only generate traffic and enjoy your money!

    PeerFly Publisher Rewards:

    PeerFly want to make sure that publishers are not only given the best payouts in the industry, but the best rewards program as well. No need to earn thousands of dollars to get free rewards like some other affiliate networks. In fact, earn as little as $999 in a month and you'll make the first tier!

    Wait no further and join PeerFly NOW! Click Here To Enter PEERFLY.COM and Fill Publisher Signup Form!

    Please dont forget to email me if you signed up with my link and get accepted- I want to help you with CPA materials. I want to see you make a ton of money!!!!

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